UIDAI receives Rs.3436.16 Crores to issue Aadhaar number to 40 crore Indians


Approximately, it will cost UIDAI Rs85/- to issue one ‘Aadhaar Number’ under Phase IV of the Aadhaar numbers issuance.

Rs3436 crs will be spent on 4 major components viz:

(a) Rs. 1600 crore towards cost of enrolments for additional 40 crore residents,

(b) Rs. 490 crore towards cost of updation services,

(c) Rs.1049 crore towards cost of printing and dispatch of Aadhaar letters,

(d) Rs. 247.16 crore towards additional cost for construction of buildings for headquarters, data centres and non-data centres.

Phase IV has to start immediately and the target end date is March 2014.

Parallely the ‘Aadhaar numbers’ will also have to be issued in respect of enrolment data packets received through Registrar General of India (RGI) as per their committed time lines.

The main change in the Phase IV would be the inclusion of Date of Birth in the ‘Aadhaar Number’, document. As per the original plan, only year of birth was to be part of the ‘Aadhaar Number’, document. However, there was demand to include the Date of Birth too in the document. Hence, the new ‘Aadhaar Number’, cards will have the Date of Birth too.


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