Direct Benefit Transfer Beneficiaries’ Portal

National Information Centre (NIC) of India has developed a simple offline system for preparation of the list of beneficiaries eligible for credits under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Background: At present there is no single IT Application Pan-India to capture and view the beneficiary details of various State and Central Government schemes. The data is scattered leading to improper MIS at higher government levels.

To standardize the process of preparation of Beneficiary lists NIC has developed an offline excel sheet tool. The details can be filled in the tool and uploaded in the DBT portal.

To ensure security at all levels the upload files have to be digitally signed. The beneficiary list is uploaded straight to the CPSMS server.


CPSMS Background

In 2008-09 Hon’ble Finance Minister announced the establishment of Central Plan Schemes Monitoring System to provide comprehensive Decision Support and Management Information to various Scheme managers responsible for administering Plan Schemes. Since then the scope of CPSMS has been enlarged to cover direct payment to beneficiaries both under selected Plan and non-Plan Schemes. Today several Scheme managers are using CPSMS to directly credit the bank accounts of implementing agencies and beneficiaries.


CPSMS is also being used in several Schemes covered under the recent initiative of Direct Benefit Transfer.

CPSMS stands for ‘The Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS)

CPSMS is being implemented by the Office of Controller General of Accounts in partnership with National Informatics Centre.

The scheme has established a common transaction-based on-line fund management and payment system and MIS for the Plan Schemes of Government of India.

The platform has now been extended to State Governments for effecting payments of plan funds received directly at the State Treasuries.


CPSMS has operationalised an active interface with 90 banks (26 Public Sector Banks, 59 Regional Rural Banks and 5 major Private Sector Banks) to provide immediate validation of bank accounts, prompt electronic credit to the beneficiary’s bank account and bank reconciled expenditure statements to the implementing agencies.  CPSMS is being integrated with APBS for quick disbursement of the DBT benefits.


With 139 Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) and more than 800 Central Sector Schemes (CS), along with State Plans and Additional Central Assistance (ACA), the CPSMS is managing funds in excess of Rs.3,00,000 crore annually. The ultimate aim of CPSMS is to ensure that all the funds move via the DBT mode.

The system primary focus is on fund management and e-payments for Plan/non-Plan Schemes of the Government of India and report utilization under these schemes at different levels of implementation on a real time basis.


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