14 Crores Indians be ready for LPG subsidy via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

The ball has been set rolling. The stage has been set, and the first shot will be fired by the month end. In the Conference of District Collectors on Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) held by Planning Commission, Government of India on 29th April, 2013, it has been announced as under : –

  • LPG subsidy rollout in 20 districts of Phase I from 15.05.13
  • There are  14 Crore LPG subscribers
  • One month’s advance subsidy to be transferred into accounts of consumers

The Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs on 09/05/2013 gave its nod for direct benefit transfer (DBT) for subsiding LPG cylinders directly to the consumer.

The process will start from June 1 in 20 districts and if it is successful then by October it will be implemented across the country for all LPG consumers.

The Finance Ministry has been asked to start a separate account to ensure funds for the direct subsidy.

After due deliberations on the periodicity of the subsidy transfer, it has been decided that only a month’s advance subsidy will be credited to the consumers accounts. As of date, only LPG subscribers who have seeded their bank account with LPG companies and banks would receive the subsidy. Once the first cycle is completed, the participating institutions would meet and analyze the pros and cons of the present disbursement mode.  Based on the learning’s, future plans would be finalized. As this is the first major rollout, glitches if any, will be fixed into.

The 20 districts involved in the first phase covered Andhra Pradesh, Daman and Diu, Goa, Himachal  Pradesh,Karnataka,Kerala,Maharashtra,Pondicherry,Sikkim and Tripura

The future is exciting, will you be part of it?

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