LinkedIn Premium Account – Should it offer 2FA?


The last month was pretty bad for netizens . Hackers were not only targeting financial internet sites, but also were interested in social networking sites, to spread their message.

The most prominent of such attacks on Twitters’ Associated Press (AP) account.  The aftereffects of such an attack are well known by now.

Over the last few years LinkedIn has become a very popular internet medium for professional networking. There is many a success story which has been attributed to LinkedIn network. Organizations have acknowledged the benefits of LinkedIn in their daily life.

LinkedIn has laid down guidelines to protect its members from Account Takeover and Identity impersonation.

However, so far it has not thought of 2FA to offer an additional layer of security for its members. Of course, LI members can always have the option of LastPass to store their LI passwords.

Apart from professional networking, LinkedIn is become the preferred online website for Recruiters, Job Seekers and Sales Professionals too.

So is it time, for LinkedIn to introduce 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) at least for its premium account holders?


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