Twitter to roll out 2FA in the near future, will you embrace it?


In February 2013, Twitter advertised for an opening in its Product Security Team. There were multiple openings and the Key Responsible Areas are to Design and develop user-facing security features, such as multifactor authentication and fraudulent login detection.

With the recent high profile hacking of Associated Press Twitters Account, there is now an urgency on Twitter to rollout 2FA, at least in the beta mode.

Like the present 2FA tools adopted by other web services viz Google, Microsoft etc, Twitters’ 2FA should also be on similar lines.  In the coming weeks, more about Twitters’ 2FA will be known to the public.

Of course, 2FA is not fool-proof but it can reduce the chances of hacked accounts to a very large extent. In this digital era, there is no such thing as 100% safety.

Till now, internet users were taught to concentrate on online security with respect to financial transactions. However, with the digital criminals moving to other services viz Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LiveSocial

To minimize costs for the company, Twitter can make it mandatory only for followers with 25,000 + in the initial round. This way, the common user also is spared of the rigors of 2FA. Simple, the more famous you are, the more security you require. And, in the Twitter world, famous is measured by the number of followers you have.

So go ahead now, and start to build your Twitter network.