How to identify if your customer cheques are CTS 2010 compliant?

  1. Bank/branch address along with IFSC code printed on the top left corner of the cheque.
  2. Standard date format.
  3. Printer name along with ‘CTS 2010’ printed on the extreme left of the cheque.
  4. ‘Please sign above’ is mentioned on the bottom right corner of the cheque.
  5. Rupee  symbol in the amount column.

Tips to ensure that the cheques are cleared without any problems:

  • To ensure fraud-free cheque clearance, RBI has advised that customers should preferably use dark coloured ink while writing cheques and you should avoid any alterations or corrections thereon.
  • For any change in the payee’s name, amount in figures or in words, fresh cheque leaves should be used by customers, as this will facilitate smooth passage through image based clearing system

All the banks including cooperative banks have started to issue CTS 2010 compliant cheques to their customers.

It is suggested from 15/05/2013, corporate customer offices should accept only CTS 2010 compliant cheques and no other cheques be accepted.

In case the photocopy of the cheque is taken, the words VOID will appear at the left hand corner.




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