India’s Olympic Gold Quest – Would you like to contribute INR1200/-


Did you know that Parupalli Kashyap a.ka. ‘The Air Bender’s Smash’ also battles Asthma?

P.Kashyap is actively supported by OGQ-India’s premier talent management group, towards his quest for higher achievements in the world Badminton arena.

OGQ runs a fund-raising program known as POWER YOUR CHAMPION

Like all great ideas, the basic concept of ‘Power your Champion’ is simple.

When we spend much more than Rs.100 every other day at coffee shops, why wouldn’t the people of India want to contribute a similar amount every month which could go towards a program that could create India’s next Olympic Champions.

A quick back of the envelope calculation tells us that if a million Indians contribute at least Rs. 100 each per month, OGQ could support the training and preparation of at least 2000 grass root level athletes. Small regular monthly donations would pinch no one, and yet everyone would feel proud that they are contributing towards building India’s next Olympic Champion.

Are you ready to contribute, if yes, go ahead here, and also spread the joy of being part of India’s search for its new Olympic heroes.