India’s net citizens – Have you secured your financial/online health from Ramnit malware??????


The following advisory “Win32/Ramnit” from CertIn (India’s nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents as and when they occur)

As per the advisory the Ramnit is very deadly as it specializes in stealing FTP and financial accounts passwords once it is clicked. Well in today’s digital internet world, passwords of any site are important.

The Ramnit malware can damage your financial health or your online health.

In case your banking accounts are compromised, your financial health can be damaged. In case your Gmail/Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo/Microsoft accounts are compromised, your online health can be damaged. So either way your health is on the firing line.

So how do you protect yourself? The agency has also advised some counter measures in this regard.

Rule No 1: Never ever log on to internet. Okay, this is just impossible.

Rule No 2: Users should not download and open attachments in emails received from untrusted users or unexpectedly received from trusted users,

Rule No 3: Exercise caution while visiting links to web pages

Rule No 4: Users should not visit untrusted websites.

Rule No 5: Enable firewall at desktop and gateway level

Rule No 6: Disable ports that are not required,

Rule No 7: Avoid downloading pirated software,

Rule No 8: Keep up-to-date patches and fixes on the operating system and application software

Rule No 9: Keep up-to-date anti- virus and anti-spyware signatures at desktop and gateway level

It is in our hands to protect our online health, at least partially, if not fully.



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