Have you made your Gmail Account secured via 2FA?


During late 2011, Google rolled out the 2FA (2 step authentication) tool for its Gmail account holders.

In simple terms, the Google’s’ 2FA utilizes the OTP (One time password) concept, widely prevalent for online banking transactions.

Initially this was rolled out in USA, but now it is available world-wide. In case you feel, there are high chances of your Gmail account being hacked; you can try out the 2FA

Like every additional layer of security, there is a major drawback associated with the 2FA. This drawback is common to all the 2FA tools

The main difference between financial institutions 2FA and Google 2FA, is that in case for FI’s 2FA, if the phone is lost, by contacting the FIs’ Call Centre, the recovery mode can be initiated.

But in case of Google 2FA, the backup options are:

  1. Sign in from a trusted computer
  2. Retrieve code with voicemail and a voice call
  3. Get a new phone from your carrier
  4. Fill out our Account Recovery form

Of the above, the fourth one is completely relies on snail mail, so the TAT will a tad longer.

There is no data, as to how many Gmail users have opted for this 2FA service. As  a Safe ePayments Motivator, the Google 2FA is a secure tool.