The Tata Defence Welfare Corpus – All scholarships amount to be disbursed via NEFT only.

The Tata group to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Defence personnel in the line of duty constituted  ‘The Tata Defence Welfare Corpus’,  in the wake of the Kargil war, to help Indian soldiers maimed in combat rebuild their lives.

The TDWC is the Tata’s’ way of repaying, in some small measure, the debt of gratitude we owe our fighting men

Tata Defence Welfare Corpus (TDWC) was created, back in 1999, in the aftermath of the Kargil clash between India and Pakistan.

The Corpus was supported generously by different Tata companies, with every Group employee contributing a day’s salary to the fund, which raised Rs12 crore. A management committee comprising three Tata people — Tata Industries director Sujit Gupta, SN Batliwalla, of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, and SK Bharucha, a nominee of the Trust — and representatives of the army, navy and air force was constituted to look after the affairs of the Corpus.

Since the sum was substantial, it was decided not to merge it with the umbrella Armed Forces Welfare Fund. The money, now maintained with the Adjutant General‘s Office in New Delhi.

Every year 80 per cent of income earned by the Corpus is used to assist injured soldiers and their near ones; the rest is ploughed back to the fund to meet exigencies. The original objective of the Corpus was to give grants for higher education to the children and widows of those killed in action in Kargil. That idea was limiting, since those killed or maimed in Kargil had, for the most part, young children who were still in school.


Following a review of this position, the following changes in the objectives of the fund were agreed to by the armed forces and Tata Group representatives: That the fund should benefit those involved in the Bangladesh War (1972) and onwards.

That the income of the Corpus be utilised for grants to members of the army, navy and air force — and not just the army, as earlier envisioned — in the proportion of 85, 10 and 5 per cent

Much good has already been done with the resources generated from the TADC fund, but much more needs to be done — and can be done.

The best aspect of the TDWC is that all the scholarships will be disbursed through the electronic mode only. NEFT has been the chosen electronic transfer channel.



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