Shri Nandan Nilekani has laminated his Aadhaar Card. Have you laminated your Aadhaar Card?


If not, go ahead now and laminate your Aadhaar Card for a longer life. Otherwise there are chances of it getting damaged.

There have been a few complaints here and there about the poor quality of the paper used for Aadhaar Cards.

Shri Nandan Nilekani, recently speaking at the sidelines of a function in Ranchi, Jharkand suggested the Aadhaar holders to laminate the bottom portion of the card to make it durable.

He suggested that anyone seeking Aadhaar can download from, take a print out and laminate it if anyone missed getting it by post.

At the Aadhaar card is being issued free of cost, the Government has to keep down its operating costs too. This is possible only with the cooperation of the residents too.

Lamination is a simple cost effective tool, to safeguard you Aadhaar document from wear and tear.


4 thoughts on “Shri Nandan Nilekani has laminated his Aadhaar Card. Have you laminated your Aadhaar Card?”

  1. Aadhaar has been a dream project for the UPA government which it wants to use as their key to success in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections of 2014 similar to the program of MGNREGA program which they began before the 2009 General Elections. Besides their benefits associated with this scheme, the government has failed to handle such a huge masses of response from the people of the country and we often hear about irregularities in the Aadhar functioning. If the government really wants to help the people then it should make proper arrangements before initiating such type of project escpecially in the rural areas where 70% of country’s population resides and where the basic infrastructure is unavailable.

    1. The corresponding infrastructure is being built all over india. We as common citizens have to think if the deficiencies are from our side or from government side? Is outsourcing one of the reasons of the deficiencies.

  2. It would have been better if govt would have been given laminated Aadhar card like PAN card. Anyhow we will laminate our Aadhar card like Mr Nandan Nilikeni has done. Thanks for this information

  3. My father laminated my aadhaar card, I was afraid whether this can be done.
    Happy to know that it is good to laminte the aadhaar card

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