Nasscom advise – Hire only in final semester, not earlier


The prevalent practice in Indian IT Companies is to catch the campus talent early, by 6th semester. This practice was good when the job market was robust, and companies preferred fresher’s to immediately join after the completion of the course.

However, with strains showing in the IT job market, IT industry association Nasscom has asked engineering colleges and companies to schedule placement sessions in the eighth or final semester of BE/BTech course to reduce the waiting time for freshers to get the appointment letters.

Though Nasscom had come up with guidelines earlier that IT companies need to go for campus placements only in the eighth semester, several companies schedule placement sessions as early as sixth and seventh semesters to pick up the cream from different colleges. This makes freshers wait for nearly two years to get appointment letters.

Nasscom President Som Mittal responding to a query, after the Nasscom’s start-up promotion event here recently, on the problem of companies delaying the appointment letters for the freshers they had hired from the colleges said, “We have asked the companies and colleges to hold placements only in the eighth semester. We are telling companies not to hire before that,”.

As usual, there is a mix response from the industry captains. Let us wait and see, how the future holds.

The major benefit in recruitment at the eighth semester is that the time-lag between completion of the course and joining the company is less. However, on the flip side, the freshers might look for alternates instead of waiting for the final joining offer.





Shri Nandan Nilekani has laminated his Aadhaar Card. Have you laminated your Aadhaar Card?


If not, go ahead now and laminate your Aadhaar Card for a longer life. Otherwise there are chances of it getting damaged.

There have been a few complaints here and there about the poor quality of the paper used for Aadhaar Cards.

Shri Nandan Nilekani, recently speaking at the sidelines of a function in Ranchi, Jharkand suggested the Aadhaar holders to laminate the bottom portion of the card to make it durable.

He suggested that anyone seeking Aadhaar can download from, take a print out and laminate it if anyone missed getting it by post.

At the Aadhaar card is being issued free of cost, the Government has to keep down its operating costs too. This is possible only with the cooperation of the residents too.

Lamination is a simple cost effective tool, to safeguard you Aadhaar document from wear and tear.