Aadhaar Enquiries, Grievances or Complaints – Whom to approach?


Like any mass contact program, people would like to contact UIDAI offices to resolve their queries or complaints.

The queries the people would be seeking answers are

01) Status of the Aadhaar Number

02)                Nearest enrolment centre

03)                Status of change sought in the Aadhaar Number document.

04)                Queries relating to authentication and identity frauds etc. .

Hence, UIDAI has established four lines of contact methods. They are as under


Voice – 1800-180-1947

Fax – 080-2353 1947

Letters – PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore, 560001

Email – help@uidai.gov.in

The prerequisite for the resident while contacting UIDAI is the printed acknowledgment form given at the time of the enrolment.

The printed acknowledgment form contains the 14 digit enrolment id or the 28 digit enrolment id along with the Date time stamp.

To file an online complaint, simple click here

Complaints can be filed against

01) Aadhaar generation

02)                Delivery of Aadhaar Document

03)                Operator agency

04)                Enrolment agency

05)                Others

As on date, no statistics are published on the number or type of complaints on the

If you not observed, 1947 is the preferred number in the contact numbers/mode!!!



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