HDFC Bank to charge customers for InstaAlert SMSes


The new financially year will begin tomorrow and Banks have started to modify their service charges.

HDFC Bank will begin charging its customers from tomorrow for its InstaAlert SMS service, under which the bank provides real-time alerts on account activities.

The charges will be applicable to Salary Saving accounts too. The tariff charges are Rs15 per quarter in case of salary or savings accounts, while the charge would be Rs 25 per quarter for Current Account customers.

However as a bonus, InstaAlerts delivered through Emails would remain free.

What is InstaAlerts?

InstaAlerts service is a value added service, which allows customers to keep a track of various payments and receipts, get reminders for timely payment of utility bills and receive intimations when balance falls below a pre-specified limit, among other account activities.

Customers usually register InstaAlert service for alerts like debit transactions greater than a certain amount, credit in account greater than a specified sum, account balance below the minimum funds and weekly account balance. The alerts can be either event-based or frequency based.

The bank has clarified that debit/credit card transaction alerts sent as per regulatory guidelines and NetBanking transaction alerts are not part of InstaAlert Service. Customers who are not registered for InstaAlert service will continue to get these alerts free of charge, it added.

Well, I am just curious to know, how many HDFC Bank customers will continue to avail the InstaAlerts services!!



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