Branches of Agency Banks and RBI offices to remain open on March 29, 30 and 31, 2013 to facilitate Tax Payment


RBI has advised banks, for greater convenience to the tax payers that all designated branches of agency banks and RBI offices conducting Government business to keep their counters open on March 29, 30 and 31, 2013 to accept Government taxes.

All tax payers are urged to remit taxes well before the last date to avoid last minute rush. Facility for payment of taxes on-line and through select ATMs is also available.


ePayment facilitates payment of direct taxes online by taxpayers. To avail of this facility the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account with any of the Authorized Banks.

The following are the types of taxes which can be paid via online:-

  1. CHALLAN NO./ITNS 281 (Tax Deducted at Source / Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS) from corporates or non-corporates)
  2. CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280 (payment of Income tax & Corporation Tax)
  3. CHALLAN NO./ITNS 282 (payment of Security Transaction Tax, Hotel Receipts Tax, Estate Duty, Interest Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax /Other direct taxes & Gift tax)
  4. CHALLAN NO./ITNS 283 (payment of Banking Cash Transaction Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax)


Sample bank site which offers payment of taxes through ATM.


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