Cheque Truncation System – CTS 2010 Standard Cheques



In the last six months, bank customers have been bombarded with messages on the need to migrate to CTS 2010 Standard Cheque leaves.

The NBFC’s too have been advised by Reserve Bank of India, to replace the PDCs’ held by them with CTS 2010 Standard Cheques.

The new date for switch over to CTS 2010 Standard Cheques is April 1, 2013. Hopefully, this time, RBI will not extend the due date.

In the last 6 months, many locations across India have been migrated from MICR / ECCS Clearing to CTS clearing.

The growth is rapid, and CTS will cover the breadth and length of India in another 18 months.

Reserve Bank of India recently migrated to CBS, which enables cooperative banks to be part of the CTS platform.

The major difference between the old cheques and CTS 2010 Standard Cheques are:

01) CTS 2010 is vertically mentioned to the extreme left hand side of the cheque.

02)                Bank Branch address is mentioned on the top left.

03)                Date has to be mentioned on the given boxes on the top right side.

04)                No alterations are allowed except in the Date column

05)                The customers’ signature has to be above ‘please sign above’, right below corner side.

RBI’s FAQ’s on CTS 2010 Cheque Standards can be read here.

Interesting tit-bits on CTS can be viewed here along with the sample CTS cheque leaf.

Frauds in the cheque clearing system will be drastically reduced only when 90% of the Cheques in the system are CTS 2010 standard cheques.

The common mistake observed now-a-days is that the same cheque is presented in CTS and also through MICR!!!.


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