Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)-Rewards season


It is a well marketing tool that prospective customers must be awarded to try out the new products launched by their companies. The product can be tangible or intangible.

Services can said to be intangible products. It is a bit difficult to launch promotion schemes for Services, as Services can only be experienced and not felt.

IMPS currently has 54 Banks on its rolls. All major banks including a few large co-operative banks are now part of the IMPS platform.

To encourage bank customers to try out it services, IMPS Division of NPCI, has launched a Promotion Campaign between Jan13 to Mar13. The details can be viewed here.

As the IMPS concept is very new to India, such sort of campaigns will convince the Bank Users that it is safe and fast to try out IMPS.

Once the Bank customers are convinced about the benefits of IMPS, the word of mouth advertising will bring in new customers into IMPS fold.

Wishing all of you Best of Luck, in the race to win rewards from NPCI in making IMPS popular.


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