ICICI Bank to Donate Rs10 lacs to fund education for underprivileged kids


It is acknowledged that transactions at ATM’s are cost less than Branch Transactions for Banks. Hence, banks are trying to find out ways and means to attract customers to maximize ATM Transactions.

With the numbers of ATMs’ going up, Banks are trying to uncover out innovative ways to increase the footfalls in their ATMs’.

Towards this end, ICICI Bank has unveiled a new campaign to attract Bank customers into its ATMs. It is running a campaign, wherein it promises to donate to an education pool to fund education for underprivileged kids.

The target is Rs10lacs. Every time its ATM is used by bank customers, a contribution will be added to the education pool kitty. This will go on till it reaches the target of Rs10lacs.

The plan is educate 250kids with the amount.         As the campaign has recently started, the exact details of the program will be known in the coming months.

The campaign is supported by TV Advertisements and Posters Display in its ATM lobbies.

As the campaign has a feel good factor associated with it, it is sure to increase the footfalls in its ATM’s. Moreover, it will encourage other Banks to put on their thinking hats, to launch a similar program.

ICICI Bank through its ICICI foundation is active in a number of programs to strengthen the support systems in primary health, elementary education, financial inclusion and sustainable livelihood.

In my view, this campaign should be part of MasterCard Cashless pioneers series.


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