New Bank Licenses – RBI to post its clarifications on its website

It is said that we Indians have many doubts. It is also said, majority of the doubt-seekers on any subject have the same doubts. Hence, the doubt clarifiers’ clarify the doubts to the public at large.

On February 22, 2013, Reserve Bank of India, finally released Guidelines for Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector.

The last date to submit applications is July 01, 2013. As the time is short, the prospective applicants have already approached RBI seeking clarifications.

Considering that the clarifications sought would be of wider interest and use for all intending applicants, Reserve Bank has decided to post the clarifications on its website. Yes, the identity of those who raise queries would be kept confidential.

The prospective applicants have time till April 10, 2013 to submit their queries.

The queries may be to Chief General Manager-in-Charge, Department of Banking Operations and Development, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, 12th Floor, Central Office Building, Fort, Mumbai–400 001 through snail mail or by email to

I wish that the first clarification be, the number of total clarifications received (X number by snail mail and Y number by email)

In the next couple of months, there will be lots of action on the new banking licenses. There are various stages.

Welcome to the next Blockbuster on Indian Financial showground.



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