MasterCard Rewards Dutch Debit Card Champions With Cashless Event

In the recent past, (December 2011) MasterCard had embarked on a promotion program which features Cashless Pioneers in their sphere of influence. The idea beyond the program is to encourage individuals to promote ‘cashless’, transaction, which in turn translate into Card transactions.

Over the months, the MasterCard Cashless Blog, has featured many individuals around the world, who were pursuing Cashless Transactions.

To take the conversation to the next level, MasterCard decided to offer an unusual thank you to Netherland Retailers and their employees, for promoting Cashless transactions in their stores.

MasterCard invited them to a special Debit Card Champions event at the Heineken Music Hall (HMH) in Amsterdam.

The event, organized by the Foundation Promoting Efficient Payments (SBEB) in collaboration with retail branch organizations, banks and MasterCard, was designed to thank all retailers and their employees in the Netherlands for their efforts to stimulate debit card use in their store, and to raise awareness of the safety and efficiency of the MasterCard payment system.

It is estimated that 35% of payments in Netherlands are carried out via Maestro. The success of MasterCard depends on converting the balance to Cashless transactions.

1,700+ retail employees who came were given a PayPass bracelet and were able to pay for refreshments using MasterCard’s innovative contactless payment technology.

The visitors to the event, surprised MasterCard by the high use of Balance Checkers, small devices with displays that allowed visitors to check the amount of credit left on the bracelet by holding it in front of the display.

Just wondering, when this will happen in India!!!


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