Union Bank of India – Talking ATM


No, Humans do not sit inside the ATM and do the talking!! The ATM itself talks!!!

On 28/01/2013, Union Bank of India unveiled its first Talking ATM in the State of Chhattisgarh. This is also the Bank’s 40th Talking ATM in the country.

The Talking ATMs’ are in line with RBI suggestions that the ATM’s should be accessible to visually challenged bank customers too.

The first Union Bank Talking ATM was unveiled in June 2012, at Blind People’s Association, Vastrapur-Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad was chosen as BAPU had inaugurated the Bank’s registered office way back in 1921. This was in a way a token of gratitude to BAPU.

The highlights of the Talking ATM are:

01) It provides complete accessibility to a wheelchair as well as to a visually challenged ATM user.

02)A visually challenged person can independently operate an ATM machine for Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry and PIN change ATM operations.

03)Inclusive design of Accessible and Talking ATM provides access to general public as well as to persons with disabilities.

04)No special ATM card needed to enable talking mode, etc.

05) A User can use a regular ATM card issued by bank. The Bank has also  taken care of security and privacy of ATM operation for a visually challenged person as voice prompts will be heard privately through a headphone and user has a choice to hide ATM screen.

06)Braille signages are put on the ATM machine for locating ATM parts like card slot, cash dispenser, receipt printer, etc.

07)Use of ATM keypad matrix to do complete ATM operation.    This functionality is similar to an IVR wherein you use only number options to select different options.

08)A keypad is a standard telephone matrix keypad with a raised dot on the key number 5 which is a universal design.  A visually challenged user use this key 5 as a reference key and can easily locate other number keys.

09)Keypad buttons orientation is provided so that a visually challenged person can easily find buttons like Cancel, Clear and Enter.  Also these three function keys have distinct raised symbols so that a visually challenged user can feel and press a correct key. Keypad number pressed is supported by a beep sound.

10) Bilingual orientation of ATM machine. This important talking ATM feature is added in Union Bank of India’s talking ATM so that a visually challenged person who is a first time user will get complete orientation of the ATM and can learn different keys and slots on his own. Orientation feature also has skippability so that in future an experienced visually challenged user can skip orientation and can perform an ATM transaction directly.

11)  Important features a visually challenged user can choose in the beginning of his ATM operation are language choice, volume control, hide or display screen and orientation to the ATM machine.

12) Complete screen text and audio synchronization is provided.

13) ATM screens with white text on red background, bigger font size of text and menu selection options with white text on blue background are following the accessibility norms for low vision persons.


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