Indian Health Industry interested in your Aadhaar Number


Apollo Hospitals is working on a program which plans to link patients’ health records with their Aadhaar Number.

Are you ready for it? The project is at a nascent stage, with Ms.Sangita Reddy, personally driving the project, by encouraging rallying the various industry bodies (FICCI, CII and Nasscom) towards creating a national pool of electronic health records which can be linked to the Aadhaar number.

Currently, different hospitals are working with various software firms to create their own system of electronic health records (digital documentation of patient’s medical history). This only leads to islands of automation which do not connect, said Reddy in an interview to Business Line. But when you link the records with the unique ID system (Aadhaar), it creates a nationalised resource pool with data pouring in from different locations.

Ms.Sangita Reddy has spoken to Nandan Nilekani (who is spearheading the Aadhaar project) and the members of the health ministry.

As industry stalwarts are involved in this Project, it should be live in another couple of year’s time.

In my view, this centralized database will also be accessed by Insurance companies, while processing your Health Insurance Application or Health Insurance Policy.

The Database can also be accessed by General Insurance companies, to calculate your Motor Insurance Premium. I wish I am proved wrong.


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