Aadhaar Number-Did you apply before 30/04/2012?


Well, have you applied for the ‘Aadhaar Number’, before 30/04/2012, and you have not yet got the Aadhaar document delivered to you still.

In case, you have preserved the Registration slip, please verify your status online @ URL

If you are lucky, the message will be ‘Congratulations’, and the Aadhaar Document must be on the way.

Otherwise, if you get the message ‘cannot be processed due to technical reasons’, you are a bit unlucky. You have to go through again the pain of applying for a fresh ‘Aadhaar Number’.

In one way, you are lucky; as by now you will know the steps to apply for the Aadhaar number with the correct details i.e complete Address, Name.

Q: – What is the meaning of ‘cannot be processed due to technical reasons’?

Ans: A lot of data related to applicants who enrolled for the Aadhaar unique identification number in the first phase has apparently been either lost or rendered unusable due to “encrypting errors“.

Don’t worry; there is no accurate data as to how much of enrolment data has been lost or rendered unusable due to technical reasons.  ‘Technical reason’, cover a large area of known and unknown reasons.

So, go ahead and reapply once again. Nothing to worry, Better luck this time.

Enquiring at the enrollment counters is not of much use, as they are not equipped to answer your queries. The best option is the ‘self-help’, option only.

In case, you have enrolled under the ongoing National Population Register by the Union home ministry you need not apply separately for Aadhaar.



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