Residents of NCR – Aadhaar number is a must have


With effective from 01/01/2013, New Delhi residents can access a host of government services only if they have the ‘Aadhaar number’.

Government of New Delhi, Revenue Department has released a notification which says that it is mandatory for people to possess Aadhaar card for various services like marriage registration and issuance of domicile certificate.

The notification was issued on 18/12/2012, w.e.f 01/01/2013.

One concession that has been provided is that, if somebody has enrolled for National Population Register, NPR, then he or she can access the services producing the NPR details.

Further, oral clarifications have been provided, stating that people not having Aadhaar number at present will be able to access government services on enrollment of the same at designated Aadhaar registration centres.

At present, the authentication of the Aadhaar number or the Aadhaar number holder is not envisaged. Going ahead, if there are sufficient number of biometric authentication devices installed at Delhi government offices, than the biometric authentication will be looked into.


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