Vine by Twitter : The new way to share Videos

Vine also means a creeper. As Twitter has announced the launch of Vine, a new way to capture and share short looping videos. Somewhere the words ‘looping’, and ‘creeper’, match.

Keeping in mind the original Twitters Policy of short n sweet, Vine also promotes the same concept.

Only videos less than 6 (SIX) seconds can be uploaded on the Vine service. As the 6 seconds time is too shorts for mobile viewers to register the video in their mind, the ‘looping’, service is a reminder tool.

Well, as Vine has just been massively launched on 24th, it is too early if viewers will like the ‘looping’, feature or not. It will depend on the creativity of the video.  As the video is continuously looping, the viewers have to concentrate make out the beginning and the ending of it.

Yes, Facebook has already reacted; it has cut off access to Vine.

Brands and persons have already started to experiment on Vine. Well, wondering which Financial Institution will tap the magic of Vine. Let us wait!!

So far, did not found any videos by Indians in Vine.

As on date, Vine has been enabled only for Apple Iphones. This might be a precursor for integration with the main Twitter services in the near future.


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