Indicative list of ATM declines in Indian ATM’s



The below is an indicative list of reasons, due to which your ATM transaction can get declined. Basically there are two types of declines, Business and Technical.

Serial No.Description                      Decline type

1.            Invalid transaction           Business

2.            Card not on file                 Business

3.            Expired card                       Business

4.            Invalid PIN                          Business

5.            Invalid amount field        Business

6.            Invalid response code    Technical

7.            Processor down                               Technical

8.            Invalid card number        Business

9.            Module processing error Technical

10.          Excessive PIN tries          Business

11.          Invalid account                  Business

12.          Exceed withdrawal limit                Business

13.          Exceeded number of triesBusiness


14.          Invalid message                                Technical

15.          Key sync error                   Technical

16.          Lost or stolen card           Business

17.          Restricted use                   Business

18.          Do not honour                  Business

19.          Exceeds funds available                Business

20.          Customer cancel              Business

21.          Full reversal                        Technical

22.          Invalid transaction

for the card                        Business

23.          Hardware fault                  Technical

24.          General denial                  Business

25.          Unable to process           Technical

26.          Unable to process

reversal                                                Technical

27.          Unable to process

Store and Forward          Technical

28.          Suspected fraud               Business

29.          Timeout                               Technical

30.          Invalid debit account      Business

31.          Invalid credit account     Business

32.          No routing for

institution/network        Technical

33.          Restricted card                  Business


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