Aadhaar Document – Valid for Indian Passport Application form.

It is now official. The Aadhaar document is now a valid document for Identity and Address proof for Indian Passport applications.

The ‘Aadhaar document’, has broken new ground. As per the Press Release by Indian Ministry of External Applications, has advised all Passport Issuing Authorities  to accept Aadhaar letter as Proof of Address and Photo identity in conjunction with any other prescribed documents for proof of address/identity for the purpose of passport application.

The Aadhaar document will now be accepted as proof of address and identity for passport application.

The trigger could be the report by Hyderabad Regional Passport Issuing Office, that fake identity documents like fake electoral photo identity cards (EPIC) and ration cards were submitted by some applicants to secure passports.

By now, my Indian readers would be familiar with the Aadhaar document.  For others, Aadhaar is a 12- digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority on behalf of the Indian Government.

At present, authorities accept passport applications based on about 14 documents such as voter ID card or electoral photo identity card (EPIC), ration card, PAN, driving licence, birth certificates among others.


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