ING Bank challenge – Simplify Banking. Are you ready?

An everyday challenge for any HR recruiter is to how to attract the best talent to his/her company. Everyday talent has to be spotted and towards this end, HR Recruiters continuously wish for out-of-the box options.

One such option has just been launched by the Careers office of ING Bank. Check this more @ their Facebook page.

ING Bank Careers Office is on an aggressive track to attract the next generation bankers into its fold.   As the next gen bank customers would be children between 7-10 years ages’ the program taps social media tools to connect between the next gen bankers and the next gen   bank customers.

A series of questions by children between seven and ten, have to be answered by students.  Well, at present the contest is not restricted to any particular country. Anyone with access to Facebook can view the weekly question and reply to them, but the focus will be on Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Romania.

Unfortunately, India is not in focus, though I have noticed that students from India have already started to respond to the questions.

As there has to be a time frame for any activity, this campaign will run for five weeks. The immediate prizes for the best answers would be the inclusion of the same in a short book about banking for small children, which will be published in the near future.

The campaign will run for five weeks in several countries, including. The best answers will be compiled and used to produce a short book about banking for small children.

In the medium run, the Bank will also try to enter into a dialogue with the most stimulating contributors.  Also, this campaign would let the Facebook readers to know more about ING Bank, and might motivate them to join the ING Bank customer circle.


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