8 crore Aadhaar Documents to be delivered in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

The first phase of UIDAI ends with the receipt of the Aadhaar Document to the respective residents. During the last two years, UIDAI experimented with various delivery models, to the residents.
A fool-proof process has not yet been discovered or designed. Another experiment is a RFP for delivery of Aadhaar Documents.
After de-duplication, a Unique Identification Number is issued to the resident, which is a 12 digit random number. At present, the Aadhaar documents are printed at different locations across the country and the UID number is delivered to the residents in the form of a laminated document through post.
Today approximately 05 lakh Aadhaar documents are printed per day by the printers in each of the printing locations. To simplify the delivery process, UIDAI is inviting bids from reputed and reliable firms including PSUs and Government bodies like Department of Posts for delivering the Aadhaar documents in the States of Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.
The primary aim of the RFP is to discover a single service provider each in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra who will be entrusted with the job of delivering the 08 crore Aadhaar Documents.
Department of Posts too can be bid in this RFP. This RFP is a drastic departure from the existing process.
I foresee great benefits for the winners’ in this RFP. More than UIDAI, the gainer will be the single service provider.
The address mentioned on the Aadhaar Document is slowly being accepted as the real address of the resident, and correspondence (Banks, Government departments), will bear this address only. Once the service provider delivers and Aadhaar Document, subsequent delivery of any correspondence to the address will be a piece of cake-walk.
Ah, interesting time ahead for the Indian Logistics industry.
Re-dessiminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.


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