Aadhaar Number Cards – Single Envelope for the whole family


All expenditure related activities at one time or another, have to go through the cost-cutting phase. ‘Aadhaar’, UIDAI’s flagship program is no exception.

Recently, Finance Ministry had advised UIDAI to explore ways and means to reduce the cost, especially in the process of dispatching the Aadhaar number cards.

After evaluating the various options available, the best option was to adopt the ‘One Family -One Envelope’, route. It has been observed that normally all the family members prefer to enroll at the same time.

Hence, instead of sending Aadhaar number cards in separate covers to individuals, one envelope will be sent to the whole family.

The single envelope will contain multiple Aadhaar number cards.

UIDAI had stopped dispatching the enrolled numbers because of printing issues from India Post and some cases of duplication of numbers. It is expected that the delivery will resume in Dec 2012. Out of 24 crores enrolments till date, 2 crores Aadhaar number cards, have yet to be dispatched.

To understand the pain points in a full-fledged roll out, UIDAI has already initiated pilot projects in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

To gather a large sample size, UIDAI is trying out with different applications in these pilot projects.

For example, in Andhra Pradesh (East Godavari district and Hyderabad), trials are being for PDS by the State Food Department. Similarly, Aadhaar numbers are being used as identity for giving mobile connection by Vodafone, LPG with IOC in Mysore and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), old age pension payment in all those 51 districts announced by the Finance Ministry.

Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.



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