A new way to fight Spam – Data-mining Text and Images together!!

The average net user is very familiar with Spam and the ill-effects of Spam. Spam mail clogs the recipients mail boxes, and many a times, important messages are buried in heaps of Spam mails.

Spam is not new; this existed even in the Print era. But, in the internet age, the cost of spending Spam mails is minimal. The   cost of spam mails is borne by the recipient or the carriers and not the sender. Hence, there is no disincentive for the Senders to stop Spam Mails.

It is estimate that 80% of the mail traffic is Spam. Spammers rely on mass mails, to attract readers into their dubious schemes. A strike rate of .0001% is also enough to make them rich.

One of the tools for Safe ePayments is the Mails/SMSs’ sent by financial institutions in relation to the customer’s account with them. It has been observed, many a time, mails from financial institutions is lost in the Spam mails or categorized by filters as Spam.

Hence, there is a continuous fight against Spam. A large number of organizations and researchers across the globe are working to reduce Spam in your mailbox.

The latest tool is in the development stage by Concordia University researchers who have proposed a new method to rid inboxes of unwanted email

PhD candidate Ola Amayri and thesis supervisor, Nizar Bouguila, have conducted a comprehensive study of several spam filters in the process of developing a new and efficient one. Basing on their research, they have unveiled a new statistical framework for spam filtering that quickly and efficiently blocks unwanted messages.

The cure revolves around simultaneously analyzing text with visual content combined with techniques used in pattern recognition and data mining, to filter out unwanted emails.

The technique is still in the development stage, with the current focus on English Mails. However, the technique can be adapted to other languages as well.




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