What is the best time to introduce ePayments to Children?

This Post is inspired by PKTMNY. PKTMNY is specially targeted to children above 8years, but below 18 years.

The PKTMNY card is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Visa Europe Limited.

PKTMNY has just been launched in UK, and is at present restricted to children with UK addresses only.

The launch of an exclusive Prepaid for children has triggered off multiple emotions across the globe.

One set of commentators feel it is 8 years is too early for kids to be introduced to ePayments. Other set of commentators it is the right age.

Well as a Safe ePayments Motivator, I personally opine that 12 years is an optimum age, for kids to have their own personalized Debit Cards/Pre-paid cards.

Even by 12 years, kids will be aware on online payments, a form of ePayments.

In India, a couple of banks have introduced exclusive accounts for kids with personalized Debit/Pre-paid cards. But, as there has not been an active push from the banks, the product has not been a success.

Check out some: –

ICICI Bank YoungStars,  ING Vysya Bank Zing, Axis Bank Future Stars

So what is your opinion on the best age to introduce ePayments to kids? The views can be with respect to your country.

Email me @ nshantin(at)gmail.com

Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.


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