A new App – ReceiptMatch from American Express OPEN

Amex Open range of cards is primarily aimed at Small Businesses.

As more and more numbers of business expenses are transacted via Credit Cards, the major challenge for the card holder is to store the physical receipts and later co-relate with the Credit Card Statement.

The accounting staffs mainly rely on the physical receipts to reimburse business-related expenses.

To minimize the chances of losing the physical receipts, card holders are always in search of instant storage options.

This seems to be the trigger for the new App – ReceiptMatch.

ReceiptMatch, has been created exclusively for American Express OPEN Card members and participating stores.  The only aim of ReceiptMatch is to organize your receipts. The App is available on iTunes as well as Google Store.

The process is fairly simple:

01) American Express OPEN card holders have to snap the receipt and upload the photo using the App.

02)Matching between the receipt photo and the transaction details on the online credit card statement.


In India, the market for exclusive credit cards’ for businesses is on the increase. Trust Amex will soon introduce for Indian card holders too.

Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, blogger by night.


One thought on “A new App – ReceiptMatch from American Express OPEN”

  1. GREAT APP and online interface to manage and track receipts. Snap a pic and upload….but COMPLETELY USELESS to a company because the primary cardholder CAN NOT view the receipts that were uploaded by their other cardholder and employees STILL need to submit paper recipes (which would be needed for book keeping and tax purposes)….soooo what’s the point? Don’t wast your time with the system.

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