Master Card – Multi Card i.e Credit Card/Debit Card/Passcode


Today’s article is dual in nature i.e a new concept was rolled out in September 2011, and in October 2012, it has been taken still ahead.

The first is MasterCard –Dual Card i.e Credit and Debit combined on a single card

In early September 2011, MasterCard partnered with Fifth Third Bank, to launch a Duo Card.

Simply, Duo Card means that the account holder can access his bank account (debit) or credit line (credit), depending on his/her choice.

This Duo MasterCard, from Fifth Third Bank, is America’s first actual debit and credit card.

Well, as like every new idea, there are Pros and Cons to the Duo Card.

2 Pros : –

01) Comfort for the customer as he is dealing with one financial institution for his Credit/Debit account needs.

02)Accelerated awards accumulation, in case the bank desires to run a promotion program.

2 Cons: –

01) Customers have to decide before the final billing, whether he should opt for the Credit or Debit mode. A slight confusion at the time of the final billing, will lead to high charges later on.

02)The customer has to withdraw both from the Credit and Debit cycle, if he decides to close his Fifth Third Bank relationship, which is not such a great idea. This will lead to additional costs to choose new Bank account and a new Credit Card issuer.


The second is a Dual Debit-Credit Card with display cards for Passcodes.

The soft launch has been done in October ,2012 and the commercial launch is in November,2012

This time MasterCard has tied up with Belgium’s Banca Monte Paschi Belgio to launch the world’s first type of this new sub-product.  It has been named the ‘PaschiCombo‘ card.

The additional feature over the earlier Duo Card, is the display screen for Passcodes. Passcodes are for secure online payments.

One side of the card has  a Maestro debit card  and MasterCard credit card on the other.


The card is accepted at 14 million Maestro POS terminals and 34 million MasterCard outlets. Theoretically this makes the card the most widely accepted in the world.

Customers have to decide whether to opt for a debit payment or a credit payment. Once the decision has been taken, they have to simply insert their PaschiCombo card into a conventional payment terminal and use the keypad to select to pay with Maestro for a debit payment or with MasterCard for a credit payment.


To utilize the Passcode facility, the users have to press a button on the card, to generate a unique pass code which appears on a display screen. This Passcode can be entered online to secure Web purchases.


Well, you can get the above cards in the American Market only.

Disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.




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