Would you be willing to draw cash from an ATM without an ATM Card?


NCR has launched a Pilot of a new software upgrade that allows for cash withdrawal at an ATM via a 2-D QR Code.

The new product is still in the ‘proof of concept’, stage, and NCR is scouting for implementation partners. A full-fledged commercial launch is planned in the first quarter of 2013.

The proposed process flow is as under:-

A)  The retail customer is equipped with a Smartphone, with iOS or Android.

B)   The retail customer indicates to the Bank-Branded mobile App that he/she desires to withdraw cash from their ATM Network.

C)   The mobile app authenticates the customer.

D)  The customer walks into any ATM which is part of the Bank network, and scans the onscreen QR Code with his/her mobile device.

E)    The QR code relays the customer’s location to the server.

F)   The server matches the customer’s request with the ATM location and dispenses the requested cash.

As the app leverages NCR’s Aptra ATM OS, participating ATMs do not require a hardware upgrade. The software update of the QR code-based service is done remotely.


Benefits for NCR:

01)  Increased visibility for NCR amongst Bank’s decision makers.

02) One more reason for financial institutions to invest in NCR ATM’s.

03) Meets the 2FA norms. The first authentication is on the Mobile App. The second authentication is customer scanning 2-D QR code on the ATM Screen with his/her smart phone.


Benefits for customers:

A)  No card, no PIN — and voilà — cash in under 10 seconds.

B)   Yes and no receipt either. An e-receipt for the transaction is sent automatically to the customer’s email address.

C)   No risk of parting your Card and Pin Data to fake ATMs.


I am just wondering whether the same technology can be deployed at POS terminals. Just instead of physical cash disbursement, the underlying account can be debited and the retailer’s account credited.

The above thought, should open up new vistas for NCR too.

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Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.



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