New range for your UIDAI-Aadhaar Card


The initial Aadhaar numbers were printed on a thin sheet of laminated paper with a Government Logo and the respective Aadhaar number printed on it.

As more and more Indians started receiving the cards, a negative feedback to UIDAI on the quality of the letters grew. Hence, UIDAI decided to explore various ways to increase the durability of the card, with additional security features, and minimal cost.

In July 2011, UIDAI floated an EOI to explore the feasibility of communicating the Aadhaar Number to the resident through a card.

The main reason behind the exercise was to:

  • Increase the longevity of the card.
      • Make the card machine readable.
      • Increase the card security.
      • Reduce the processing costs, as data has to be extracted at various levels in the life-cycle.
      • Reduce the printing cost, hence card types  possible for 5 price Ranges:- Rs2, Rs5, Rs10, Rs15 and Rs20, were sought

Based on the various approaches received, the RFP was floated in October 2011.

The highlights are:

01) Polyvinyl Aadhaar Cards to be issued.

02)                Colored photograph of the applicant

03)                Engraved with two sets of barcodes i.e. linear and matrix.

04)                Linear barcode will contain the unique 12-digit Aadhaar number of the applicant.

05)                Matrix or QR barcode will contain the rest of the details like applicants name, address, date of birth, name of a parent or guardian, age and gender.

06)                Fixing of card Matched card to the Aadhaar letter will be via hot melt glue or in any other form which will not disturb the quality of Card and Letter.

07)                Durability/Longevity. The card will have a minimum life of 5 years


The main advantage of PVC cards are that are waterproof and Bar Coding friendly.

As of now the migration plan for the previous numbers issued on the Aadhaar laminated letter to the Aadhaar Cards, is not finalized.


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