Nandan Nilekani Launches Aadhaar E-KYC Based Instant Prepaid Cards

UIDAI-Aadhaar is rapidly launching new sub-products. The latest launch is the eKYC based Instant Prepaid Cards.

The pilot launch is in Oct 12, in Delhi. The possibilities are endless and the rollout will depend on the commerce merchants and banks.

The eKYC card can be used in online as well as at physical locations.

Merchants can roll-out a co-branded card in association with a Bank.

Online mode: –

The card can be activated at the time of the check-out using an OTP based authentication.

Later, an Aadhaar linked prepaid card could be shipped to the customer with the delivery.

The customer can top-up the card through a business correspondent or online.

Offline mode: –

Customers can activate instant accounts with E-KYC, save money into the account, withdraw money, and send money to anyone with an Aadhaar number.

As per UIDAI-Aadhaar documents, UIDAI recommends biometric authentication (fingerprint or iris) along with another authentication.

The Biometrics authentication should not be the only mode for an almost fail-proof authentication of the customer.

Aadhaar eKYC ecosystem:   The Aadhaar ecosystem will also power E-KYC (Electronic- Know Your Customer), which will utilise the E-KYC APIs, to allow citizens to avail different services without carrying any physical identification proof.

To conduct an E-KYC check, an E-KYC request, along with Aadhaar number and authentication is sent as an input and the name, address, date of birth, gender, and photograph, is received by the agency.  The data is only sent with the customer’s consent.


As per news reports,  UIDAI has partnered with 20 banks, and has also tied-up with the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and Visa for payments powered by eKYC.  However, no such information is currently available on the UIDAI or NPCI or any banks website.

In the long run eKYC is expected to be the norm, as it can be deployed for customer verification for mobile connections, bank accounts, insurance, LPG connections, state government services, train travel and any service where verification is required.


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