RBI cautions Public Not to respond to Phishing Mail sent in its Name

As the internet usage has exploded for financial transactions, online swindlers have found a new hunting ground for their victims.

One of the most common scams is the usage of the respective countries’ central bank dummy email id, to ensnare customers to part with their financial details.

This has since become common in India too.

Since 2007, RBI has been issuing periodical advisories cautioning general public not to respond to any mails purported to have been sent by RBI, requesting for their personal financial details.

In 2012 itself, RBI has issued 4 advisories, the latest being today.

The latest email in circulation states that RBI’s Security Team has unveiled a ‘new online security protection’, tool.

Well, this is one more attempt by online conmen to ensnare some more innocent internet users into their fold.

RBI has made this clear that this is a phishing mail and accessing the mail in any manner could result in identity theft.


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