Google Adwords Business Credit Card – The youngest kid in the Credit Card world

No, you cannot apply for it, You should be invited.

A usual trick adopted by Sellers to offer credit to their prospective buyers to increase the seller’s market share.

The same thought seems to have stuck Google Marketing Team, and this week they have announced the launch of Google Adwords Business Credit Card.

The highlights of the launch are:

01) This is a co-branded card in association with Barclays.

02)The initial launch is in UK, and slowly it will be launched in other parts of the world.

03)The target audience is small businesses who buy Google Adwords.

04)At present, the card can be used to purchase only Google Adwords.

05)There is no annual fee on this credit card.

06)The interest free period is 56days.

07)The Annual Rate of Interest is 11.90%

08)The card is ‘by invitation’, only.

09)Overseas transactions attract 2.99% non-sterling transaction fee. In an ideal situation, this should not be there as Google Adwords in purely an online channel and customers can view the respective business website, from any part of the world. Maybe this has to do more with local regulations.

10) The Google Adwords Business Credit Card is part of the overall MasterCard Receivables Solution Programme.

11)  The formal public launch was after a Pilot Launch which was rolled out last July, with 1400+ businesses as participants.

12) The respective business should have a physical presence in UK (United Kingdom) to be eligible to apply this card.

As I believe the more the merrier for Safe ePayments to grow.


Additional Resources:

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