Want to obtain a Student Scholarship – Get ‘Aadhaar’, first

Almost all State Governments in India offer a variety of Student Scholarships. The disbursements are chiefly in two modes 01) direct disbursements to the respective educational institutions 02) disbursement to respective students.

The disbursement is still the old fashioned way i.e Physical cheques. Some State governments have recently discovered the benefits of Safe ePayments and are increasingly switching to ePayments mode.

Two days back, Shri.P Chidambaram reiterated the delivery mechanism for Subsidies (including scholarships) should be strengthened.

The preferred mode is the ePayments mode, nothing more-nothing less.

The students would be encouraged to apply for Aadhaar numbers immediately which will accelerate the scholarship disbursement mode.

As of now, ‘Aadhaar’ is currently the priority for Old Age Pensions, NGERA disbursements.

With the scholarship channel too being pushed into the ‘Aadhaar’, circuit, be prepared for more demand for ‘Aadhaar’, numbers.

Trust the Student community leaders will influence their peers to quickly acquire ‘Aadhaar’, numbers.

Yes, the more the merrier.

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Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.

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