LPG Subsidy – Karnataka to be the Pilot.

The first set of LPG subsidy credits are expected to be rolled by September 2012 to few banks accounts of Mysore district, Karnataka.

This was announced at the 122nd SLBC-Karnataka meeting held on 05-September-2012. UIDAI and the respective stakeholders had a detailed meeting on 21/08/2012, and one of the major announcements of the meeting was regarding LPG Subsidy based on Aadhaar numbers.

01) LPG Subsidy credits to beneficiaries’ accounts will be online by second week of September 12, in respect of 30 LPG distributors in Mysore city.

02)This will be on a pilot basis.

03)Once the initial glitches are ironed out this will spread to the entire district by January 2013.

04) Cauvery Kalpatharu Grameena Bank has been identified by Govt. of India and NABARD for implementation of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) in their operational area. The State Bank of Mysore was requested to facilitate CKGB in on-boarding to AEPS by creating necessary technological infrastructure.


A couple of months ago, state-owned oil companies – IOC, BP and HP – has launched a project in some pockets of Mysore wherein LPG domestic cylinders are being supplied after verifying biometric details of the consumers.

The process in brief:-

a)    Biometric details of consumers are stored in an electronic hand-held machine.

b)   Cylinders are delivered at the consumers’ doorsteps after verifying their authenticity.

There were two major concerns in this process.

01) The concerned consumer had to be in the house to authenticate bio-metrically the receipt of the gas cylinder.

02)Connectivity issues between the hand-held machine and UIDAI Server.


It is envisaged that as soon as the delivery is made, and the receipt authenticated by the gas consumer, the subsidy amount automatically will be credited to the consumers’ bank account.

Yes, this is an ideal vision, however what will be ground reality is yet to be ascertained.

So, go and get and your Aadhaar number today.


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