Facebook and ICICI Bank – And the winner is!!!

In the recent past, the social media was abuzz with the news that ICICI Bank in near future will allow transaction banking on Facebook.             There will be a secured APP via which the interaction will take place.

Like every innovative thought, there are lots of disbelievers about the success of this ‘App’.

However, on a different note, who has benefitted the most-Facebook or ICICI Bank?

A cursory reading of the media be it print media or internet shows that there are many concerns regarding Facebook security. However this has not stopped internet users being active on Facebook via various modes.

It was very surprising to read Facebook India’s Business Manager Mr.Verma saying that as few Indian Banks were offering basic banking services to their customers via Facebook, Facebook has to be very secure.

The full article can be read here.


Mr. Varma, speaking on the sidelines of a banking summit, said Facebook, as a medium, was completely secure. He cited the case of ICICI Bank, which now offers basic services over the Facebook page by integrating its net banking platform with the social networking site.

He added that IDBI Bank has claimed that it has over five lakhs fans on Facebook.


ICICI Bank is the clear winner. What do you feel?


Facebook security policy

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