Kaun Banega Crorepati – India’s own Millionaire show. The ePayments path

Should the prize money be distributed the new way i.e ePayments or should the old way i.e Paper Cheques continue?

The sixth season of KBC has stared recently. As is the norm, the show has been tweaked to sustain its popularity.

7 distinctive elements of KBC 6

01) New Advertising campaign focusing on ‘one’s ability to succeed’.

02)A welcome bias towards participants from Tier II and Tier III/IV/V/VI towns.

03)Telecast of video clips on the Hot Seat participants between the questions.

04) Introduction of considerable prize money for home viewers

05)Telecast of a motivational song at the end of the episode.  Has this been inspired by Satyamavate Jayate?

06)Less commercial breaks, and more importantly ‘no break’  once the answer has been locked/

07)Unsigned cheques up to the complete prize amount Rs5,00,00,000/-(Rupees five crores) per Hot Seat participant ready.

The moot question is how the prize distribution can be migrated to ePayments mode.

Here, KBC can leverage the ePayments mode to further increase its recall rate amongst its core audience and also attract new followers.

In the just concluded Olympics 2012, the official broadcasters were initially worried that their viewership would go down, as all the finals were broadcast live on the social media. However, to their surprise,   the viewership increased, as the viewers preferred to see their favorite sportspersons on the winning podiums, even if the winners were already known.

Yes, KBC should explore ePayments mode as the final prize distribution ceremony.

A)   The winners to receive the winning cheque by the hands of Shri Amitabh Bachan, as soon as the winning amount is declared.

B)    The net prize amount is subject to the prevailing TDS (Tax Deducted at source), hence the net amount is received by the winners only after the episode telecast is over. (SOME LINKS WHEREIN THE WINNERS HAVE RECEIVED THE PRIZES LATE)

C)   A special episode only for distribution of the prize money, preferable live. The prize winners over Rs6,40,000/- only to be invited.

D)   The net prize money to be transferred via RTGS/IMPS to the winners’ banks accounts.

E)   98% of the winners will have a Bank Account enabled for RTGS/IMPS credits.

F)   RTGS/IMPS is preferred as the credit can be instant, and the credit SMS is received by the winners during the show itself.


Resources :

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