RBIQ – A new addition to the Quizzing world


Information on RBIQ 2013 edition can be viewed here.

Should this be promoted on the Social Media?

Reserve Bank of India, to encourage Financial Literacy amongst High School students, is launching a Reserve Bank (RB) ‘IQ’uotient Quiz.

The short form is RBIQ. The formal launch is on 10th September, 2012. RBIQ is an Inter-School Quiz, the target group being of Class 9, 10, 11 and 12students. As this is a pilot run only select school students will be the participants. However, the selected schools are spread across the country.

The basic aim of the Quiz is to promote financial enthusiasm amongst High school students. The Quiz will have a broad range of questions, with focus on the Reserve Bank, Indian banking history, banking, accounting, finance, trade and commerce, India’s economy, economics, common business terms, India’s achievements over the last 77 years (as RBI is 77 years old), some general knowledge and current affairs.

As there will be an audience too, the question mix is designed to sustain their interest too.

The Quiz masters are none other than Shri Barry O’Brien and his frequent team mate and co-host Shri Ryan Shaw.  The Quiz masters will also help the Reserve Bank research the quiz. Barry O’Brien wears multiple hats, and Quizzing is one of them.

The elimination round will be held in 30+cities, followed by Zonal Finals and the National Final in the 3rd week of December 2012. The Presentation ceremony will be a star-studded affair, with the winners receiving the Prizes from the hands of the Reserve Bank Governor. The whole process will be over in 2012 only. Going ahead, RBIQ will be a yearly affair.

All participant students will be given participation certificates, as a sign of encouragement.

Hope, RBIQ will be telecast on TV, webcast it, and also promote it on social media.


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Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.


3 thoughts on “RBIQ – A new addition to the Quizzing world”

  1. It is great that RBIQ is getting bigger and more professional. Any format that boosts financial literacy needs dissemination on all platforms.

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