ICICI Bank – Transaction Banking via FaceBook


                The readers must have read that ICICI Bank will allow transaction banking through Facebook in the near future.

                Yes, there are many disbelievers out there, who are not convinced about this ePayment idea.

                Well, here are 11 reasons why ICICI Bank will succeed in Transaction Banking via FaceBook.

01)   4000 ICICI customers already use this App. Yes, the numbers is small, but remember this is only the beginning.

02)   Initial spadework is already over: A Facebook App is already in place, and ICICI Bank customers can check account details, get account balance, view last 10 transactions, upgrade their debit card, enquire about cheque status, request a chequebook, place a stop-payment for a cheque.

03)   There is already 2 factor sign in security: Customer can access the App only with their Facebook Id, Facebook Password and App Password.

04)   Minimal fraud alerts: There have been very few suspicious requests noted on the App.

05)   No banking related data is stored on Facebook, nor there a status update when customers access the Bank App on Facebook.

06)   A dream is being marketed here, not any banking product. ICICI Bank is encouraging customers to experience the WOW of technology.

07)   Like all banking transactions, customers are encouraged to access this APP only via secured PC’s.

08)   This is a typical ‘Think Big’ approach of the marketing team behind ICICI eBanking platform.

09)   There is a focused approach, only the Banking transactions are covered in the initial phase.

10)   The idea is simple, just Banking.

11)   Visual appeal of the App.

Can you add more reasons?


ICICI Facebook Page

The Power to think Different

Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.






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