Book your Indian Rail Tickets via Rail eWallet. Are you ready for the pilot run?


Now, rail travelers are encouraged to have one more virtual funds account for easy booking of railway tickets.

IRCTC has decided to enter the ePayments arena with a proposed launch of a semi-closed eWallet

On an analysis of the failure transactions on the IRCTC website, the most common reason is the link failure/timed out error between the IRCTC site and the respective Payment Gateway.

Such failures increase the customer dissatisfaction levels and also increase the processing cost for IRCTC/Payment Gateway and the end customers.

An alternate is a variation of semi-closed m-wallet for eg : Flipkart wallet

This m-wallet is tentatively named as ‘Rolling Deposit Scheme (RSD)’,

a)       Please read The Hindu article dt 28/012/2012

b)      Interview with IRCTC Managing Director

As per the latest RBI guidelines the maximum monetary value on an individual Semi Closed m-wallet  is Rs.10000/- for air/rail travel ticket booking.

The ‘Rolling Deposit Scheme (RSD)’, is already in place for corporate booking agents, and is working well. (hyperlink)

In the near future, the same concept will be rolled out to retail customers too.  The tentative launch date is not finalized; however the initial blue-prints are ready.

Draft outline:-

01)   IRCTC will tieup with a Service Provider.

02)   Payment approval process eliminated

03)   There will be a Login password and an OTP (One time transaction password). OTP is necessary to ensure that frauds are at a minimum level.

04)   PAN card is the preferred document for Identity Proof.

05)   There will no payment gateway charges, as the funds are already with IRCTC.

06)   In case of cancellations, the amount will be credited back on the same day.

07)   To encourage only serious travelers the minimum deposit at any time to be kept will be in the range of Rs. 1500 to 2000.

08)   There also will be a Registration fee of Rs. 250, redeemable against booking.

09)   Of course, no interest will be paid for the deposit amount.

10)   Yes, there will be a facility to view the account/transaction history.


In case you change your mobile number, remember to update the new mobile number in the IRCTC site, so that the OTP’s can be sent to the new mobile number.

Remember, Remember do not share your IRCTC login details now,  as there will be rWallet attached to your IRCTC account.

Re-disseminated by Prashant N. Banker by daytime, Blogger by night.


11 thoughts on “Book your Indian Rail Tickets via Rail eWallet. Are you ready for the pilot run?”

      1. well, if you topup say rs500/- and do not book tickets, the topup money will not be refunded back.
        In a way yes, you will lose only the registration amount.

      2. i have done it anyway .
        In what way i can satisfy myself for the lost money.
        How can i compensate the lost money through this ewallet facility ?

  1. Never enroll on this scheme. All these things told by irctc is lie. There will be payment gateway charges when adding money to ewallet. Also irctc had a scheme called shubh yatra earlier. They took subscription fee of 300 and closed the scheme all of a sudden. I lost about 2000 in that schme. If they are closing down a scheme they should inform earlier. So this is a fraud from irctc

  2. Hi,
    I have a question….Since we couldn’t book tickets from 8am to 12mid night, if we book at early morning like 7am..are we given priority and our ticket gets booked or not? any idea…

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