Draft National Strategy for Financial Education

My personal Tips :

01)   Catch them young:

n  Create a National Finance cartoon family.

n  Develop TV shows, stories, contests, etc., around the cartoon family.



02)   Finance quotient qualifications:

–          Finance quotient exams (online) can be introduced. This is similar to the hindi level exams.

–          The best body to conduct these exams can be the   proposed ‘National Institute of Financial Education (NIFE)’

–          Appropriate ‘certificates’, to be issued to the persons clearing the various levels.

  • The persons, who have achieved proficiency at the highest level, can be made honorary ‘Finance Educators’, recognition to inspire others.


03)    Quiz Shows:

  • Quiz shows are a great tool to attract the target audience to ‘Financial Education’.
  • The Quiz shows should be conducted year-on-year with district/state/national level rounds.
  • The Quiz shows should be telecasted in major TV channels to engage the target audience.
  • As the numbers of years pass, the Quiz Show will have a loyal following, thereby boosting the ‘Finance quotient’, amongst our countrymen.



All the above three to be developed in English, National Language i.e Hindi and major regional languages.

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