Mind the Gap: Has social media changed how you view the Olympics?

Like it or hate it, Social Media has redefined the way Olympics is covered.

In the din of traditional news coverage, the alternate views tend to get lost. Every event has multiple view points.

The traditional media tends to focus on their self-interest, and the reader/viewer is not exposed to alternate view points.

The alternate view points offer the Olympic games followers to enjoy the spirit of the games in a more complete way.

With the explosion of social media, there were enough outlets to savor the full taste of the Olympic games.

Yes, social media has changed my view of Olympics.

Olympics is about images, the more the images the more popular the games will be.

Traditionally, the official games broadcaster used to have a strangle hold on the Olympic images and also a selected few were released for public consumption.

But, the social media have turned this notion down. The freelancers via the Social Media broadcast a wide range of images.

This has led to a boost of Olympic followers.

Surprisingly social media also helped TV channels to attract more viewers especially to Medal presentation ceremonies live or delayed.

Cheers to Social Media. Olympics for ALL.


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