CD – No, CD does not mean ‘Compact Discs’, it means ‘Cash Dispensers’.


The RFP floated by Public Sector Banks for “Outsourcing of Installation and Managed Services of Cash Dispensers (CDs)”, on a geographical cluster basis, has been closed.

The signing of the agreements between Public Sector Banks and the Selected Vendors is picking up speed and as on date, 21 Banks have signed with the 9 selected vendors. The other Banks are in the various stages of closing the agreements.

As there is no concrete information information about the current status of the process or about the need of preparation of a roll out plan and its implementation, Ministry of Finance-Department Financial Services has entrusted the task of collating information to SLBC’s Convenor’s.

The process flow is as under : –

  1. All lead banks should communicate to the SLBCs of the States concerned the details of finalization of the RFP and the award of work to the selected vendor.

  2. SLBC convenor must also communicate the same to all the Banks in the State and finalize the state level roll out plan on priority.

  3. SLBC Convenors should also identify one pilot district in each State where the roll out of CDs would be taken up first and completed latest by 30th September, 2012. This will ensure that all technical and operational issues are resolved and rollout of the CDs in the rest of the State can be completed without any difficulty.

  4. All Banks must convey the details of state-wise targets for installation of CDs in various States to their heads in the respective State as well as the month-wise number of CDs to be installed in each State for follow up.

The new statistics will no doubt be part of the respective SLBC’s website, as ultimately the general public should be aware of the expected date of installation of Cash Dispensers in their area.


The major difference between ATM‘s and Cash Dispensers is that the Cash Dispensers, dispense only cash and have no other function like cash deposit, cheque deposit etc.



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