Do you want to know the Reserve Bank of India License No of your Bank Branch?

Each Bank Branch in India, has to have a License Number issued by Reserve Bank of India. This is the authorization letter to commence banking business by the respective Bank Branch.

As more and more people are accessing the Internet for their varied Banking needs, RBI has released a Branch Locator/Summary Statistics on Commercial Bank Branches, on its website.

The “Bank Branch Locator” is a dynamic database providing information on

  1. Region

  2. State

  3. District

  4. Center

  5. Bank Group

  6. Bank

  7. Branch

  8. BSR Part1 Code

  9. BSR Part2 Code

  10. Population Group (rural/semi-urban/urban/metropolitan)

  11. Date of Opening ( opening/merger/amalgamation)

  12. Authorized Detail Category (Category A, B or C branches)

  13. License No.

  14. License Date

  15. Address

  16. Branch or Office

The Uniform branch codes were devised for reporting branch-wise data through Basic Statistical Returns and also used by Central Board of Excise and Customs and Central Board of Direct Taxes for their online tax accounting system.

This code comprises two parts: BSR Part-1 (seven digit unique bank branch identifier) and BSR Part-2 (seven digit unique revenue center identifier for the location where branch is functioning).

Users of this database can search for bank branches/offices on the basis of the name of the center, some key words in the address and combinations of state/district/bank. The information in this branch locator will be updated on a daily basis. The information is down-loadable in excel format from this branch locator.

The users can access Bank Branch Locator and the related summary statistics from the “Database on Indian Economy: RBI’s Data Warehouse (DBIE)” .


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